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Many Religions

Hong Kong is a city where East meets West. Culture and ideas mix together or clamor for dominance. Religions, philosophies, and traditions compete for influence.

Each morning as I walk out of our village, I pass the village altar for the worship of ancestors. At the altar, the villagers have left offerings and incense for the spirits of their ancestors. Many I pass as I walk to the bus are atheists or agnostics. Still others are just too busy to care. They are making money, gaining status, and fulfilling the expectations of family. What happens eternally just never crosses their minds.

There are some good, small churches scattered here and there across the city, but the darkness all around still obscures the light in the hearts of most of the over seven million around us. Those faithfully sharing the truth are far outnumbered by those who are sincerely spreading error. Superstition, cults, and false versions of Christianity cloud the minds of those who hear the truth. Only the work of God and the penetrating light of the gospel can break through the mist and transform lives. It is for this we hope, pray, and work.

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