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A Shocking Shopping Trip

A Shocking Shopping Trip

The furniture salesman was quite friendly. “What is your occupation?” he asked. I hesitated. His clothes demonstrated that he was not from my religious background. What would he think of me? “I am a Christian missionary,” I replied. Later in the conversation, the furniture man said, “I want to personally deliver your furniture; and when I do, I want you to teach me about your religion. I want to know who is Jesus; I want to talk for a long time.” I was shocked! But I was reminded that with God, there’s no such thing as a chance meeting.

He did come to our house, and he brought his wife and daughter with him. After delivering the furniture we invited his family to share a meal with us. We had a chance to share much about the gospel with them.

We are surrounded by people with very little exposure to the gospel. Pray that God will work in hearts and give us boldness to share the gospel to those we meet along our path.