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Good News at a Funeral

Good News at a Funeral

Although this funeral was a Christian funeral, I knew that the elderly lady that had passed away was an unbeliever. Two years before, not long after arriving in Hong Kong, my co-worker and I visited her. She was a spunky, kind old lady. Though her grandchildren had often witnessed to her, she was politely uninterested in the gospel. She told us of her husband who had passed away some years ago. He had never heard the gospel. He had not become a Christian and neither would she. The idol shelf in her home glowing with the dull red light testified to her decision.

I entered the funeral home. The traditional sounds of a culturally Chinese funeral immediately grabbed my attention. Their gongs crashed and their voices loudly moaned and droned unintelligibly. I took the lift to the second floor. The scene here was quite different. As I entered the funeral auditorium, I was greeted by the pungent aroma of nearly twenty stanchions of fresh flowers surrounding the room. Christian hymns played quietly accompanying a slide show of happy pictures of the grandmother with her family. After writing my name in the ledger, I walked to the front of the room where I quietly greeted the family and expressed my condolences.

I took a seat beside the song leader. He had never met the lady, but I told him of my previous conversation with her. I was saddened that this lady had died without Christ. To my surprise, my friend told me that she had not died without Christ! Since my last visit, this lady’s granddaughter had led her to the Lord! She gave clear testimony of salvation.

The funeral truly glorified God. The family exuded God’s grace. The preaching clearly proclaimed the gospel. And I played the piano, happy to serve, to witness God at work, and to encourage the family in need.

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