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Can You Quote It?

Can You Quote It?
Can you quote the mission statement for your church? You are way above the average church member if you can.
The most foundational declaration about your church is the purpose statement (or, mission statement). This one sentence explains “WHY” your church exists. Everything else your church does should be built on this statement. Every event, program and meeting should fit under this one umbrella.
Most church mission statements say something about worship, fellowship, outreach or discipleship. All of those things are good and they are functions of the church but they are not the singular reason that states “why” the church exists? However you choose to say it… the reason a church exists must be focused somehow on the Great Commission. There are many ways to articulate it, but ultimately, everything should culminate in missions.
Without success, I have challenged some churches to change their mission statement to say: “our mission is to be a sending church.” That declaration could potentially change everything. Imagine what it would be like if an entire congregation embraced the idea that the purpose of their church was to prepare people to fulfill the Great Commission… either across the street to across the ocean. Imagine what a church would look like if every meeting, function, program and event was designed to do one thing: prepare and send missionaries. Imagine the energy and focus this simple statement would bring to your congregation. All of the sudden, there would be a higher purpose that would infuse energy and passion into all your church does.
The reality is that most people in your congregation could not quote the purpose statement of your church. It is possible that even the pastor could not. It is a powerful thing when an entire congregation unites around one purpose but first of all you have to decide what it is.