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The Need for Discontented Christians

The Need for Discontented Christians

The Christian life is (or at least should be) a contented life. All needs, desires, and ambitions are satisfied by the Lord Jesus Christ. The prevailing thought, though, is that Christians are not content enough in their relationship to God through Christ because if they were, there would be no need to find sufficiency in the world. Certainly, this is a reasonable assertion in many aspects, but there is at least one area in which we should argue for more discontented Christians.

The idea of being a discontented Christian is contrary to the reasoning skills we learn from Scripture. However, when it comes to the Great Commission, a person can contend that Christians are too content. In a recent survey, Thomas Rainer revealed that many of the churches currently growing are doing so as the result of transfer growth and not because of gospel acceptance. Even more alarming is the fact that the number of churches engaged in effective evangelism is only between 6% – 7.5% (1).

By the very fact that both churches and individuals are engaged in so little evangelism and discipleship we can conclude the following:

  • Christians are content to go to heaven alone.
  • Christians are content to allow others to spend eternity in Hell.
  • Christians are content to let others escape God’s grace while experiencing it for themselves.
  • Christians are content to let slavery to sin reign.
  • Christians are content to let the Great Commission go undeveloped.

Thus, there exists a realm in which Christians are not discontented enough.

The world in which we live is fallen and there is a great tragedy that so many live unreconciled to God. Thomas Watson writes that a godly person is not content to go to heaven alone. With that in mind comes a compelling plea for the Christian: never be content when eternity is so uncertain for so many people. With the command of the Great Commission upon our lives, we must live discontented with its fulfillment. This perspective provides motivation, a motivation that can result in five exertions:

  1. We will engage in the Great Commission.
  2. We will exemplify the Great Commission to others.
  3. We will encourage others to engage in the Great Commission.
  4. We will elevate others to be sent out to the Great Commission.
  5. We will establish the work of the Great Commission.

In this regard, we need more discontented Christians who are willing put their own testimonies on the line for the sake of others.

Are you a contented Christian who is content to go to heaven alone? Are you a contented Christian who is unmoved by the lost souls around you? We must be discontented with the status of the Commission and the sanctity of our culture in order that we may be prompted to reach out those around us. As Steve Lawson would say, “We must live with our toes on the very brink of eternity, because our voice, may be the last voice, that many will ever hear.”

(1) These statistics are the result of a recent comprehensive survey performed by Lifeway Research and from them Them Rainer has been offering some personal insights into the results at his blog. Therefore, you can read the particular stats quoted here by visiting the following link: