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God, Bless the Missionaries

God, Bless the Missionaries

How many times have you heard the prayer: “God, bless the missionaries.”? How many times have you prayed that way? Obviously, missionaries want to be blessed, so please keep praying for that. But your prayers for missionaries could be a lot more specific. Prayer letters or updates from missionaries help you be more specific, but many of those requests are about financial and health needs. Prayer for that is also important and greatly appreciated.

There are however some very specific prayer requests that should be uttered for a missionary. They actually flow right from the pages of Scripture. The Apostle Paul often wrote to churches and gave pointed prayer requests that were really important to him as a missionary. Even though you pray for “blessings, health and finances,” it is really mission critical to pray for the right things for missionaries.

Biblical Ministries Worldwide has just published a book that will help you do that: The Prayer War. This book identifies seven strategic prayer requests that will help you radically improve intercession for your favorite missionary. You can have serious impact on their ministry from around the world.

This book is available at Amazon ($7.50/each). If you want multiple copies, we can arrange that at a greatly reduced price ($3.50/each). Contact us at 770.339.3500 or