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Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

There is a very intelligent people group where I live in Africa. When there is conflict between two parties a third party will often sit down with them, listen to both sides, and draw a conclusion as to who is right and wrong in the matter. They know that both parties can’t be telling the truth when there is contradiction. However, they have been taught since childhood that they are not to question what has been passed down from their elders and religious leaders, regardless of how absurd or contradictory it may be. Early on in the teaching, I challenged them to consider these contradictions, asking, “When two people are in conflict you don’t say they are both right; and yet, when it comes to God you believe everything anyone says. But, can there be contradiction in truth? You know there can’t! Shouldn’t you then also seek to know what is and isn’t true about God rather than believing everything you hear?!” Pray that they will think on this, that they will see the contradictions in their own beliefs and truly desire to know the truth! – W Africa

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