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Raising Support: Whose Job Is It?

Raising Support:  Whose Job Is It?

Why do we assume it is the total responsibility of the missionary to raise his own support? Why not a network of people dedicated to ‘lock hands’ with the missionary in providing the prayer and financial support they need?

There is no other profession or ministry that approaches salary this way. Can you imagine a pastor going out and raising his support so that he can come be your pastor? Have you ever heard of an employee of any company that first has to find people to give him a salary in order to go to work? Yet we expect a missionary to go find donors before he can do his ministry.

It is clear from scripture that the “laborer is worthy of his hire.” It is appropriate that missionaries be financially supported in their ministry. So why do many insist that is it their job to raise their own support? It is illogical as well as unbiblical.

Perhaps there are ways to change this.

1. What if the home church took this on as their responsibility? They may not be able to support a missionary 100% but they could go find other churches that would help them.

2. What if friends and family took on the job of raising support for a missionary?

3. What if each member of the missions committee had the job of raising 10% of the missionary’s support?

4. What if the pastor of the sending church contacted other pastors to raise this support?
Ultimately, it is the local church that sends a missionary. So in some way, it makes sense that the local church would also assume the responsibility of raising the support. What do you think?

Guest Blogger: Paul Seger, BMW