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Does Your Church Have an Acts 1:8 Culture?

A simple definition for culture is “the way we do things around here”.  We accept things as normal when it aligns with our culture.  It shows up in every facet of life… the way we eat and what we eat.  The way we greet each other.  The way we talk and the words we use.  They are the social norms and the accepted practices.

Every country has a culture ( or several of them).  Every business has a culture.  Every church has a culture.  Insiders know that this is just the way we do things around here.

Question:  Does your church have an Acts 1:8 culture?  Is the Great Commission the way “we do things around here”?  An Acts 1:8 culture will be dominated by anything and everything promoting the expansion of the gospel at home and around the world.  The budget and the programming will demonstrate this.  Ultimately, this kind of church will be producing missionaries.  Some from within the congregation will be heading out to the mission fields of the world.  Missions will seem normal. That will just be the way things are done around here.
How about it… do you have an Acts 1:8 culture?
Paul Seger, Biblical Ministries Worldwide