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CHANGE_2.jpgAlthough the leaders in our Companion churches have embraced the concept of church-based leadership development, few have ever seen it done.

BMW has created a set of workshops to help the leaders of these churches take some tangible steps toward retooling and refocusing their church for biblically based, people-oriented ministry and meaningful leadership development.

BMW developed these workshops in consultation with missionaries, pastors, seminary professors, church leaders and Christian business people so as to present a balanced and biblical viewpoint. (It is recommended that you do the first three in the indicated order.)

Workshop - Mentoring For Ministry
Workshop - Charting Your Course
Workshop - Tradition And Transition
Workshop - Fostering The Harvest

Dozens of churches around the United States and overseas have conducted the Workshops with their leaders and have seen God use the materials to revitalize their churches.

“The BMW Workshops have revolutionized our church’s thinking. We have many who not only see the need to be involved in discipleship, but who are eager to get started.

Many have already started and are meeting regularly with others for the purpose of building relationships as a result of the convicting work of the Holy Spirit through the truths taught in the Workshops.

I am so thankful for what God has done in hearts here in this church through these workshops! The principles seek to change how a church functions, but what happens is change in the hearts of people when seeing the biblical model of how a church should operate. Thus, the change comes from the inside out.

As a pastor, these are the concepts that have been in my mind for some time, but BMW was the tool used of God to communicate them to the church in a way that I was unable to. Thanks be to God for the great work He has done!”

Gary L. Armstrong
South County Bible Church

While those who present the workshops can’t live at your church for several years to help you implement your plans that emerge from the workshops, they will remain available to you for follow-up consultations. Your church’s leadership team must carry the ball; the presenters are there to guide you.

These workshops are serious undertakings and normally require eight or more hours of focused time. The cost for each workshop is $20/participant plus travel expenses.

For more information about BMW's Workshops, please contact Clark Macaulay, Life-Long Learning Director.

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