Many believers have chosen to "live and finish well" by serving God and the "family" of a mission organization free of charge toGod's people. Some serve here in the United States and some overseas. How is this done?

Several of these opportunities involve joining the mission as a Tentmaker or perhaps Short Term. Each of these prospective relationships requires an application and a commitment to the mission and its distinctives.

Some, in the middle of their careers, relocate their families to foreign fields to assist BMW church-planters as "tentmakers," working in their job and helping the church plant after hours, just like they would do in their home church. For more information, check out the Tentmakers page or contact Dave Rozelle (Director of Mobilization).

Some who live in the vicinity of BMW's International Office in Lawrenceville, GA can help in a variety of tasks and projects, such as:

Perhaps you would be interested in serving at the BMW home office in one of these ways. If so, then we invite you to fill out the Volunteer Information Form (Word or PDF) and send it to Steve Rygh.

Thank you for your interest in using your skills to serve the Lord in missions.

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