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BMW’s work of establishing churches in Utah and Idaho began over 50 years ago. Today, 27 missionary units are pastoring, assisting, or serving 14 different churches as they pursue independence, while we also are identifying targets for new church plants. The Utah/Idaho field is best known for the high population of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS or Mormon). As a field we hope to recruit fellow laborers, who will:

  • Reach communities with the gospel
  • Aid the maturity and growth of believers
  • Lead existing churches into independence

Our field is implementing two ways to accomplish church planting: FIRE and SPARK Teams. Both teams are intended to increase the accountability and energy of our church planting efforts.

  • FIRE Teams gather diversely gifted laborers, who provide accountability to each other and use synergy to reach new communities.
  • SPARK Teams are those seeking to reach new communities without gathering team members, who invite accountability from fellow laborers on or off field.




Long-term Ministry: We are looking for fellow laborers to participate in these full-time opportunities:

  • Pastors for Richfield Bible Church in Richfield, UT (a rural church) and Faith Community Church in Eagle Mountain, UT (a suburban church).
  • An associate pastor for Bryce Canyon Bible Church, which is pastored by Rob Brannon.
  • Missionary workers for KEY Radio.
  • Church planters for Spanish Fork/Salem, UT and East Provo/Orem, UT.

Short-term Ministry: Being stateside, we are easily accessible for short-term ministries. If you are interested in serving a short-term trip or internship, please email our Field Leader, Lee Whitworth.

International Ministry: If you are interested in international ministry here in the US, some of the BMW Utah churches are currently ministering to International, Chinese, and Spanish-speaking people. Utah currently has the fastest growing economy in the nation due to tourism, which was up 18% in 2015. For example, 75% of all tourists who come to Bryce Canyon are from overseas (National Park Service 2015). What an exciting opportunity to reach the world within our borders!




Here are ways you can pray:

  • Pray for open doors to preach the gospel.
  • Pray for pastoral provision for Faith Community Church in Eagle Mountain, UT and Richfield Bible Church in Richfield, UT.
  • Pray for wisdom for Fellowship Bible Church in Liberty, UT and Valley Bible Church in Cedar City, UT as they journey toward independence.
  • Pray for fellow laborers to reach communities that have no gospel witness.

The faithfulness of God also encourages us to praise Him:

  • Praise God for the expansion of KEY Radio.
  • Praise God for the ministry of Bethel Builders.
  • Praise God for the 2015 launch of Grace Bible Church in Garland, Utah.


For more information: 
  • Check out for an informative and engaging documentary covering many of the missionaries and churches on the field, or request more information from Lee Whitworth
  • If you are looking for resources with which to reach the LDS with the gospel of Christ, check out
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