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deaf denver church.jpgThe Master's Hands Bible Church began in Denver, Colorado, in the late 1960s as "Special Bible Church." Over the years, the ministry team moved from a ministry to the Oral Deaf (lip readers) to a ministry in American Sign Language in order to reach deeper into the deaf community. MHBC is part of BMW's network of Deaf-Church planting efforts.

In the 1980s the church changed its name to Master’s Hands Bible Church. At about the same time, the congregation moved and is currently renting property from a hearing church. This gives them a much-needed symbiotic relationship with the hearing church and provides a church family for the hearing people in families with deaf. Master's Hands is in the process of developing leaders and is in the last stages of church planting.

For more information about BMW's team in Denver and about opportunities to minister to the Deaf, check out the Deaf Ministries website, the Master's Hands Bible Church (MHBC) website, or email Otto Albrecht in Denver or Dominic Gonino, BMW's U.S. Area Director.




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