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Grease” is a necessary part of making a machine work. It is not attractive; but, it is absolutely necessary to keep the gears from clashing and the machine running smoothly. In a very real sense, a mission agency, like BMW, does the same thing as grease - we help to keep the "mission machine" rolling. Most of what we do at BMW's International Office is behind the scenes and not visible unless you come and visit. But the "machine" won’t run without it. There are three broad categories of services BMW provides to missionaries and their sending churches.

At BMW's International Office, we care for various administrative details which are needed to keep a missionary on the field. We focus on these details so that your missionary can focus on the task of starting churches. Read what one missionary on the field said:

”As a missionary, I have a high level of appreciation for the ministry of the international office. They do a lot of things that enabled me to keep my focus on my ministry on the field. Otherwise, I would have to stop what I was doing to care for these necessary items. The international office assists me in a myriad of activities. Things like: receipting, correspondence, prayer letters, training, recruiting, accountability, candidate orientation and represention to the Christian public. I am grateful for the services they provide me.”

atlanta training.jpgTRAINING
We assist in preparing missionaries for support-raising, cultural adaptation, language learning and on-going training on the field. BMW operates an email forum to facilitate discussion of issues related to missions called Thinkspots. Inkspots is another forum to share book reviews, especially on missions. Each year we facilitate a conference on the field to provide training, planning, fellowship, encouragement and spiritual rejuvenation for missionaries. One-on-one mentoring is available in many instances for new missionaries on the field. Life-long learning is a necessity in ministry and the mission agency can help a missionary make that happen.

BMW leadership assists missionaries in setting goals and strategies. Because we work as teams, there are team members to provide mutual accountability and encouragement for missionaries. Field Leaders and Area Directors assist in the evaluation of missionaries on the field. Monthly, quarterly and annual evaluations are done to help make sure we stay on track with our goals. While a church may not be able to visit their missionary every week, the mission family on that field provides the infrastructure for these good things to take place.

Churches could provide all these services. It would mean that each church would need to employ a full-time missions pastor to adequately do all this. Or a church could choose to "outsource" some of these services to a mission agency, like BMW. If that is your approach, we are here to serve you.

bmw-home-office-sm.jpgThe International Office has about 25 people who help to care for over 400 missionaries around the world. The staff is composed of the General Director, Administrators, Area Directors, and secretarial, financial and maintenance staff. In addition to paid staff, several retired folks relocate to Lawrenceville and "finish well" by giving their time and energy to meet various needs such as transportation, cleaning and maintenance, meal preparation, etc. Each of BMW's office personnel are involved in area churches and ministries.

If you would be interested in serving at BMW's International Office, feel free to contact Steve Rygh, the Director of Operations.

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