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“We’ll paint your house for free” is what the flyer says. This is one of the ways we use to reach out to the lost and train our own people. Teens and adults work together, study the Word together, eat together, serve the community together and seek to share Christ with the homeowner and the neighborhood. The goal is to win and then train children, teens and adults to be disciples and disciple makers. There are currently 6 children’s clubs, reaching out the children in the projects as well as in our own neighborhoods. Kids are coming to Christ and the church is involved in training these children. On Sunday mornings you’ll see many different people involved in the service. Sundays and Tuesdays are also geared towards training people, not just to know God’s Word, but also to be vibrant disciples and workers in the harvest.




We have been praying for years that the Lord would raise up a Christian school and a Bible college. If you have a heart for evangelism, discipleship, and training others, then there is a ministry for you in Puerto Rico. There is one deaf family in our church and more deaf people in the area but there is no one to disciple the deaf. The church has not even started to tap into any kind of a sports outreach. (People here love baseball and basketball.) There is something to keep in mind.  Although there are several families in our church that do not speak much Spanish, and many people here speak English, it is really best to learn Spanish. As an Associated State of the US, it is part of America. They are American citizens and we use the US dollar. For American citizens, no extra papers are required.




We are grateful for the team here in Puerto Rico, for the many church people involved in ministry, for the property that is being given to us and for our church building which is being finished. There is a good direction in outreach and discipleship and a good spirit in the church here. This has been God’s doing. Our prayer is:

  1. That the Lord would raise up more people to win the lost and train others to disciple and serve. 
  2. That the Lord would raise up a Christian school and a Bible Institute to train others. 
  3. That many many more would come to Christ.

  • If you are interested in working in Puerto Rico, please contact Bob Schneider.
  • If you are interested in the children’s ministry, please contact Elyssa Schneider.
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