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circleofsilence sm.jpgBMW began work in northern Mexico in the state of Chihuahua in the 1960s. God has blessed this ministry with eight congregations that are now under the leadership of national pastors. This has allowed BMW to move into other areas of the country. 

God has led BMW to target the least evangelized area of Mexico. In central and western Mexico there is a six-state region - known as the "Circle of Silence" - in which 2% or less of the population claim to be evangelicals. Most of these professing believers attend churches that are very weak in doctrine and Bible teaching. BMW's vision is to concentrate our church planting efforts in this spiritually desolate area of Mexico. Click to enlarge map

Guadalajara is the largest city in this incredibly needy area of Mexico. It is the second largest city in the country, with a population of over six million.  In 2002, BMW missionaries Dick and Angie Ludy moved from Chihuahua to Guadalajara and they have started a cell church in the Zapopan area of this urban center. Since then, they have been joined by Susan Rodriguez who is evangelizing and discipling ladies. Marco and Jenni Gudiño with their three children have worked with this church-planting team for three years. They have been involved in evangelism and discipleship as well as teaching and preaching.

Tesistan is another municipality in the city of Guadalajara. Its current population is 39,269 and Marco and Jenni Gudiño have begun a new outreach in this community. This is an expansion of our ministry in Guadalajara.

The opportunities to start churches in the area are limitless. If BMW had 10 more church-planting teams in Guadalajara it would only begin to meet the need. We also need to reach out to the rural areas and eventually move into the neighboring states. The State of Jalisco has 124 municipalities (counties). Several of these counties have no believers at all, and many others have only a handful of Christians.

mexico 3.jpgThe population of this scenic Mexican state is 1,367,692. Greater Zacatecas City and its adjacent city of Guadalupe are home to 400,000, but there are 600,000 residents within a 35-mile radius of the capital.

The state of Zacatecas is as odd-shaped as many others in Mexico, and on a map it looks ironically like a person walking with a heavy load on his back. Along the southern border, there are several indentations which makes for interesting driving. Zacatecas' 28,225 square miles make it slightly larger than West Virginia. Click to enlarge map

Zacatecas State is located in the heart of the "Circle of Silence." The 2000 Mexico census places Zacatecas State at 1.94% Protestant (slightly less if one only considers Evangelicals). It ranks fifth of all thirty-two Mexican states with the fewest Evangelicals, and the need for church planting there is great.

The Mexico field has a clearly articulated strategy for the next five years. In addition, each ministry site mentioned above has its own vision and strategy for achieving its more specific goals

If you would like more information about how to help in Mexico or if we can be of help to you in some other way, please contact Dave Rozelle (Area Director).


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