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Since 2002, when BMW entered the city of Riobamba, we have sought to employ a clear-cut philosophy of ministry.  We made contacts by developing relationships with the nationals. This was accomplished by various means, but often by visiting their stores and businesses. As relationships were developed, the team sought to assess the interest in Bible study. As people demonstrated a desire to study the Bible, the missionaries began Bible studies in their homes. (We have developed a series of evangelistic Bible studies which lays a foundation in the Word of God, its authority and the importance it has in people’s lives. Salvation is introduced as the series progresses.) Many of these Bible studies have resulted in people coming to know Christ as their Savior.

Discipleship Bible studies have also been developed and through these studies, new believers are confronted with the importance of the local church. Subsequently, they join with a local church and continue growing and maturing in their faith. An additional series of discipleship studies deals with practical Christian living.

More intensive leadership training has begun among some believers through in-depth Bible knowledge courses in a classroom setting.  There is an effort being made to formalize and establish a higher level of learning for future leaders.



BMW’s purpose is reflected in our approach ministry. Like the legs of a tripod, the three components of New Testament missions as prescribed in Acts 13 and 14 support and stabilize the establishment of new churches which Jesus Christ intended to fulfill the Great Commission:

Evangelism. As in our other fields, our approach is to build relationships with lost people through various means and use every opportunity to proclaim the gospel to them, seeking to communicate the Good News with clear language and model it with consistent living.

Discipleship. As people come to Christ, we need to disciple them - teach them the Bible and model biblical precepts for the purpose of growth and maturity. That cannot be done quickly or superficially, and we are prepared to commit large amounts of time to this indispensable process. Effective discipleship comes not from meetings, but from relationships; not from a curriculum, but from personal training.

Leadership Development. Finally, in order to establish sound churches, we must train leaders in an in-depth manner, seeking faithful men who will be able to carry on the work of ministry. This, too, will require our involvement in the lives of national believers. Mentoring is molding people, not simply imparting information. It is done not only in classrooms, but also in homes and cafés, on mountainsides and riverbanks and city streets. (2 Tim 3.10,11)


  1. Praise the Lord for the establishment of the church in Riobamba and the commissioning of church leaders
  2. Praise the Lord for saving souls in the city of Riobamba
  3. Pray for the growth in the lives of the believers in Riobamba
  4. Pray for new contacts in one of the towns near Riobamba – Guano, San Andres, and/or Chambo
  5. Pray as the church has been turned over to local leadership
  6. Pray as the missionary initiates a new work in Guano


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