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It is the desire of the Argentine team to establish churches that plant other churches in rural, established metropolitan and rapidly growing population centers.

One of the established metropolitan areas is called Gran Buenos Aires. It is home to one-third of the nation’s forty million inhabitants. Waves of people are migrating to this area for the higher standard of living and better job opportunities. Those arriving are not just Argentines, but also Paraguayans, Peruvians, and Bolivians. Asia is also represented by large communities of Chinese and Korean immigrants.

Work in rural areas is taking place in two different centers. Goya, in the province of Corrientes, is in the heart of an important livestock- raising area of Argentina, and is the site of a major fishing tournament each April. In the province of Córdoba, Villa del Totorál is a farming center which also offers world-class dove hunting. Three major factories employ a large portion of the population of the town. Both these towns are attracting people from smaller outlying rural communities through better jobs in agriculture and manufacturing.

Villa Carlos Paz in the Punilla Valley represents a rapidly growing population center. It is a popular destination for tourists, offering access to lakes and rivers for water recreation, mountains for hiking and mountain biking, and with multiple live theatres and casinos. The Punilla Valley is the fastest-growing area of Argentina according to the 2010 census.



BMW currently has two couples working in the established metropolitan area. Needed: More workers to reach the people groups living in the many and varied neighborhoods, most of them without a solid evangelical witness.

In rural Argentina, BMW couples are trying not only to establish reproducing churches in these major agricultural centers but also in the outlying smaller communities. Needed: More workers to help in both endeavors.

Villa Carlos Paz currently has one couple engaged in church planting efforts. Because most people moving in are uprooted from their traditional family influences, they are more open to hearing what God says in the Bible. Small groups of believers in several towns in the Punilla Valley are willing to work with someone to establish a church in their town. Needed: Workers willing to disciple and help these people to establish reproducing churches in their towns.



We believe prayer moves the hand of God. Would you pray with us:

  • that God will cause the gospel to spread through the family networks of the believers in these works.

  • that people who have had no previous contact with the Bible, or who have received false information, will be interested in knowing the truth.

  • that God will spread the Good News to other Latin American countries through those family members living in Argentina.

  • that God will raise up workers to work in the poorer as well as the middle class neighborhoods of Gran Buenos Aires.

  • that God will raise up workers desirous of laboring in the rural agricultural areas of Argentina.

  • that God will raise up workers to work in the rapidly growing Punilla Valley.


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