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Most Dutch people have never worn a wooden shoe, except when they too have visited a Dutch tourist attraction. Occasionally, farmers wear them when working in fields of flowers or vegetables.

Tulips were first brought to the Netherlands in the 17th century. Initially, fortunes were made (and lost!) over the breeding of one type of bulb or another. Now, they're a normal part of almost every Dutch household, and many yards demonstrate their beautiful colors in the spring. Good to know: when visiting a Dutch family for coffee or more rarely for dinner, take a bouquet of flowers (tulips, of course, in the Spring).

Of course, windmills can't be passed over. In their golden age (17th century), windmills popped up everywhere. They were built in all kinds of styles and were used for grinding grains, sawing wood, and water management. Millers would usually live on the bottom floor of their windmill. Today, electricity has taken over most of their functions, but they still are a pretty sight.

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If you're interested in reaching the Netherlands for Christ, please contact Jack Barentsen (BMW missionary in the Netherlands) or Dale Fries (BMW's Area Director for Europe).


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