“Opportunities” involve matching up your passion, skills, and calendar with what God is doing in the communities where we work.  Take a look at the options, click on the links for more information, or email our Global Opportunities Team:


BMW’s summer opportunities involve AIM Trips and Vision Trips.  An AIM Trip (Assisting in Missions) is what most people envision when they think of short-term missions – you’re going overseas for a few weeks to help out and work alongside a missionary that you know.  A Vision Trip typically lasts 7-10 days and is for those seriously contemplating long-term service on a specific field.  Learn More


BMW’s extended short-term missions are Internships and Apprenticeships.  Each is a practicum where someone who is seriously interested in a particular country, region, or people group gets past the tourist level and, under a field mentor, is immersed in that culture for an extended period of time.  Internships can take place at any time of year; in the summer they are 2-3 months long; at other times they can last 2-6 months.  Apprenticeships typically last 9-12 months and are designed as our most serious introduction to missions and the host culture.  Learn More


Career missionaries are long-term cross-cultural gospel workers who plant new churches, assist struggling churches, and encourage church planting movements through evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development.  They come from a variety of educational and career backgrounds, are prepared in BMW’s high quality training process, and are sent out by their home church, supported by a network of financial and prayer supporters for several years at a time, and then relocate to the field to learn the culture and the language. Learn More


Tentmaking missionaries are those who take their career with them overseas and study or work full-time or part-time in the marketplace while assisting BMW’s church-planting efforts.  Some become employees (job-takers) and others open up businesses to benefit the region (job-makers) but their main focus is spreading the gospel and discipling those who believe.  Tentmakers are also prepared in BMW’s high quality training process, and are commissioned by their home church before heading overseas. Learn More

We’d love to talk with you about these possibilities! To get involved, or for more information on any one of these short-term or career opportunities, email BMW’s Global Opportunities Team or call us at 770.339.3500.

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