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At the age of 13, I had surrendered to serve God full time and was considering missionary aviation. A Filipino National pastor was visiting our home and when he found out about my interest he looked at me with true serious-ness in his face and said, "When are you coming?" God used that question to plant the thought of the Philippine Islands in my heart, and I never got over it. My family and I are now serving God in the Philippines. We are working to tell the truth to people who have been taught all their life they need to work their way to heaven. We would like to ask you the question that was posed to me at age 13: WHEN ARE YOU COMING?

The Philippines is an Island nation comprised of 7,100 islands. Not all of the islands are populated but there are over 78.4 million people living on the inhabited ones. National reports say that 80-85% of the Filipinos claim Roman Catholicism as their religion. Some would consider this a Christian nation, but we know that those who are trusting in works for salvation are not saved but believe they are. Many Filipinos are very religious, praying to the saints and to Mary. Yet we know the Bible says in I Timothy 2:5 "For [there is] one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus." Please join us as we prepare to share the liberty of salvation by grace through faith alone.  

Dagupan is a city of 27.1 square miles with a population of over 140,000 souls. This equates to 5000 souls per square mile. Now that we live in the city of Dagupan we have found some truth being taught, but even those who are teaching truth see that there is still an overwhelming need in this city. Through survey trips and prayer, BMW has decided to begin their outreach to the Philippines in this city. Dagupan is a port city located on the Lingayen Gulf. The city has all types of people in it, from college students to construction workers, to doctors. The one common issue with all these people is that they have a soul which will spend eternity somewhere. We want to go share with them how they can know for sure their soul will spend eternity in Heaven.

We have reached the Philippines now and are still looking for team members. We are dedicated to working as a team yet there is currently nobody to work with us. Please consider whether God would have you join our team. The weather is tropical and while the people are warm and friendly, their religion is stone cold and lifeless. If you have received the free gift of eternal life, please consider coming with us to the Philippines and sharing that gift with others.

For more information on either the Stutzmans or the Philippines, please visit the Stutzman's website at or contact BMW's International Office.


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