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In January of 2006, God allowed Biblical Ministries Worldwide to enter Palau with a vision for evangelism, discipleship and leadership development, along with a strong desire to establish dynamic, biblical, God-focused churches. Currently, the Lord has drawn together a vibrant group of believers, who are meeting in the hamlet of Ngerbodel, Koror. The church name is "Omekulel a Biblia er a Belau" - "Anchored in the Bible in Palau".

It is the overall goal of BMW-Palau to establish a healthy biblical church within each state of Palau. The most important part of church planting in Palau is relationship building with the goal of helping each person deepen his or her relationship with Jesus Christ. It is a very slow process and, as a result, patience is vital! There is a very true Palauan saying that holds a great deal of wisdom for the church-planter: "A reched eoud - eoud a reched." It translates, "If you hurry, you will end up going slow, but if you go slowly you will end up going fast!"

BMW-Palau is committed to learning the Palauan language, understanding the cultural ways of life and then teaching and preaching the truth of God’s Word in a practical, understandable way.




Ministry in Palau is filled with some wonderful opportunities, but it also has some unique challenges.  The opportunities are truly endless if you love God and love to be with people.

  • Children’s Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Summer Outreaches: Island Jams Basketball Outreach & Youth Camp
  • College Ministry
  • Discipleship
  • Evangelism
  • Leadership Training
  • Music Ministry
Some of the challenges of ministry are the intense heat, unpredictable schedules, and the inconveniences of island life: slow internet, lack of supplies at times, difficulty of travel, etc.



  • Team Members: Please pray that God will provide at least one more family to join the BMW-Palau team to reach this country for Jesus Christ.
  • Evangelism: Please pray that God will continue to open the eyes of those who do not believe in Jesus so that they can have a true understanding of the Gospel and what it means to God’s child.  Pray that Omekulel a Biblia will continue to grasp the importance and the passion of sharing the Gospel with everyone.
  • Discipleship: Please pray that new believers will quickly understand and appropriate the Power to live a new life in Christ Jesus.  Also, please pray for counseling wisdom for our team as we spend time with new believers. Pray for effective Bible studies, small group discipleship, and one-on-one discipleship. Without this step, we are not being faithful to what God has called us to do!
  • Leadership Development: Please pray for our team as we spend considerable time both formally and informally to train leaders.  We believe that true sustainability of this ministry lies in the spiritual health and influence of the leaders. 
  • Wisdom: Much of island ministry is foreign to our American mindset. The great need in this challenge is to have divine wisdom and understanding (to know exactly how to navigate each situation as it arises). Please pray for wisdom for our team as we continue to seek to be pleasing to the Lord and helpful to the people!
  • Leaders: Pray especially for men who are seeking to please God with all of their hearts and therefore are men of integrity in their public and private lives.
  • Land: We are in need of a more permanent location for our church to build on. Land is very scarce on our 1-mile-by-3-mile island. Please pray for a miracle to take place and for God to grant us a piece of land large enough to meet the needs of this vibrant and growing young church.



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