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Pastors Acquiring Necessary Doctrine for Advancement

Would you like to have a part in training an Asian man for ministry in Hong Kong at the cost of $150 per week? This amount will cover the cost of housing, food, and training materials for one man for one week. These training modules will be offered at various times throughout the year. An Asian pastor can advance in his knowledge of the scripture as he is able to take his training in increments. For further information, please e-mail




Opportunities for church planting and leadership training abound in Hong Kong. Our team currently consists of three couples and one single, but we are open for God to bring us more partners in this work!

  1. Church Planting: The team in Hong Kong has successfully planted one church and trained a local man to pastor it. The team is currently refocusing the second church plant with plans to reproduce more churches in the coming decade. The strategy for planting reproducing churches involves relationship building, intensive discipleship, and a community center offering English, art, and possibly music classes to provide a good location for the church and make contacts in the community.

  2. Leadership Training: Our team is involved in two avenues for training future church leaders in Hong Kong and across Asia. The first is a Bible institute, focusing on building up believers and leaders within our churches and like-minded churches within Hong Kong. The second is the PANDA Project, a growing ministry training men for ministry who would not otherwise be able to receive Bible training.




We need people with skills in church planting, evangelism, discipling, business administration, teaching English, teaching children, and teaching in a Bible institute.

  1. We need long-term missionaries to join our team, willing to join the vision, tackle the language, and expand the possibilities for reproducing churches.

  2. We need extended short-term missionaries who can come for a year or two to teach English, art, or music in the community center we run as part of our church planting process.

  3. We need summer short-term missionaries who can come for a month or two to teach in our community center and help in our summer outreaches.




We need prayer. Only God gives the increase. Without Him we can do nothing.

  1. Pray for God to raise up local Hong Kong men to enthusiastically join in the work of planting reproducing churches. Pray that some of these will eventually answer the call of God to become pastors of the new churches.
  2. Pray for open doors for evangelism, discipleship, and places to meet for church plants.
  3. Pray for wisdom in terms of who, what, where, and when we should expand our church planting efforts.
  4. Pray for the salvation of many for whom we have long prayed and with whom we have spent many hours sharing Christ.
  5. Pray for sufficient funds and eager students for the PANDA Project. Pray that the door remains open and that students continue to have a great spirit of unity.


Do you want more information? Is God moving in your heart to join our team? Do you want to be involved in some other way? Contact us! We would love to talk with you about the possibilities.



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