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If you've thought this, you're not alone -- Australia consistently ranks as a must-see tourist destination. The unique wildlife, beautiful scenery, and open culture attract many visitors to this isolated continent. Australia’s population (21 million) is small in proportion to its size. But with plentiful natural resources and peaceful development, the country’s economy has grown to join the world's top twenty. England sent her overflow of convicts to Australia from the late 1700s until the mid-1800s. Despite its rough beginnings, Australia has a favorable Christian heritage.

Even today, seven out of ten Australians claim affiliation with religious organizations. But while Australia has enjoyed security and material success, churches today struggle with materialism and increasing secularization. Fewer than one in ten Australians attend any church on a weekly basis. Many churches have ceased to be faithful to the Gospel, resulting in spiritual ignorance in today's generation.

Most Australians live in the coastal regions. With four million residents, Sydney is Australia's largest city and gateway to the nation. Sydney features many churches that teach the Gospel, yet population growth and societal changes are outstripping churches' ability to reach the city effectively.

The BMW-Australia team presently serves in Sydney. Our aims are:

  1. Assisting Bible-believing churches to become autonomous
    Many independent churches are small and often rely on outside support. We help Bible-believing churches to become self-supporting and self-governing, with the goal of reproducing churches. Our assistance includes interim leadership, pulpit supply, skill training, and other support ministries.
  2. Theological training of Australians for church leadership
    The team helps to train ministry leaders and workers through the Sydney Institute for Biblical Studies (SIBS), established in 2001. The SIBS training ministry is currently shared by missionaries in partnership with Australian pastors.
  3. Establishing new Bible-believing churches
    Working in partnership with Australians, the BMW team is committed to planting churches in the Sydney area.




Tim & Cathy Knisely
Ben & Di Kwok
John & Annette Wickline


Our Purpose
Our purpose is to actively engage in the Great Commission through evangelism and training in order to plant churches. We also aim to help establish the independent church movement in this country by assisting churches toward autonomy and financial self-sufficiency.

Our Vision
It is our aim to establish five autonomous churches in the Sydney metropolitan area by 2015. Sydney’s rapidly growing population and the ethnic and cultural diversity of this city have outstripped existing churches’ ability to keep pace.

Our Strategy
The BMW-Australia team will approach this aim by means that are doctrinally and ethically sound, following the biblical pattern revealed in the New Testament.


Our greatest need is for workers who are able to disciple others in the Word and train them to develop their ministry abilities. If you are willing to function as a trainer working behind-the-scenes, then you can contribute to our aims here, whatever your giftedness. For example, evangelism, counseling, music and children's ministries are areas where you could model and equip others.

Short-term individuals or teams can gain valuable cross-cultural and ministry experience here. Because Australia is English-speaking, there is a wide range of opportunities on a short-term basis.

If you are considering serving as a career missionary, we recommend you make an initial trip to see the needs and opportunities for yourself. The team can then assess you to help organize your role and "fit."

If you have a master's degree in biblical or theological studies, SIBS is interested in your ability to train students for ministry.

For more information on serving with BMW in Australia, please contact BMW's International Office or Ben Kwok, BMW's Field Leader in Australia.



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