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Is BMW affiliated with any other organizations?
BMW is affiliated with the Fellowship Of Missions (FOM), an organization providing a forum for ideas-sharing among mission organizations with similar doctrinal positions.

Does BMW cooperate with other mission boards?
BMW cooperates with other mission organizations that have compatible doctrinal positions, primarily those in the FOM.

Is BMW Baptist?
Although BMW does not have the word "baptist" in its name, we not only hold to the fundamental doctrinal beliefs historically held by baptists, but also to the baptist distinctives. Click here for more information.

What types of ministries does Biblical Ministries Worldwide have?
In accordance with our purpose, we focus on establishing local churches. If BMW is involved with other ministries, those ministries are incidental to and supportive of our mission to help local churches advance. BMW missionaries are or have been involved with ministries in aviation, radio, Christian bookstores, Bible institutes, seminaries, printing and publications.

What kinds of churches does BMW plant?
Biblical Ministries Worldwide personnel endeavor to plant self-supporting, self-governing, self-teaching local churches that will, in time, reproduce themselves. The names of the churches vary to be appropriate with the host culture. BMW missionaries have planted churches using the terms Baptist, Bible, evangelical and community in the names, depending on the country and culture. The churches we plant will have doctrinal statements compatible with BMW's doctrinal position.

How do you open new fields?
BMW opens a new field when a missionary receives the approval of his sending church to spearhead a new effort. At times, a sending church will initiate the process. At other times, a team of families will develop a burden for a country and motivate that vision in their churches. At other times, BMW personnel will be exposed to areas of huge potential and look for churches and families to break new ground.

After a tentative decision has been made, the ground-breaking missionaries work together with the BMW Area Director overseeing that region to research the region. Eventually, the missionaries and the Area Director do a survey trip to determine the optimal area/city for initial location. When three missionary units (single, couple or family) are committed to serve on the initial team, the field is considered "open."

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What factors are considered in placing the missionary on a field?
Ultimately, the missionary’s sending church must approve the assignment of a missionary to a ministry. During the Candidate Orientation process, BMW's administration evaluates a prospective missionary in order to make a recommendation about his or her initial placement on the field. In doing so, BMW examines the following:

Who is involved in the decision about missionary deployment or re-deployment?
In a multitude of counselors there is safety (Proverbs 11:14). BMW exists to help local churches accomplish their vision for missions. In this role, BMW attempts to discern God's will by prayerfully building consensus between a sending church, the prospective missionary, the team leadership out on the field, and BMW's administration.

What is the local church's involvement in sending out missionaries?
BMW believes that, according to Acts 13:1-3, the Holy Spirit of God sends out qualified servant-leaders from local churches to plant new churches in other lands. God's Spirit gives witness of this calling both to the missionary and the leadership of his or her church. In recognizing how God wants to use the missionary, the church then "releases" him or her to fulfill that ministry.

Modern mission organizations like BMW endeavor to help churches carefully and intelligently release their people for cross-cultural ministry and service their needs while on the field.

How do you determine the level of support for a missionary?
The support schedule of a missionary is determined by leadership out on the field based on the cost of living there, tax obligations, insurance, ministry expenses, retirement and administrative service fees. BMW then sets a tentative support amount for singles, for couples and for families. Missionaries may request a variation from the support level for specified reasons.

How does BMW cover the cost of providing administrative services for missionaries?
The support schedule of missionaries includes a line item to help subsidize the over-all cost of providing the ministries of the International Office. Therefore, the churches that support us for all other areas of our ministry also contribute toward these services as well.

Who directs and oversees the activities of the missionary on the field?
One of BMW's core values is teamwork. We do not believe in "Lone Rangers" who simply do their own thing. Where possible, each missionary is part of a team under the leadership of a team leader or field leader. Team and field leaders help the missionary set goals, develop strategies, work effectively and evaluate progress periodically.

How is the missionary accountable to BMW and to the sending church?
BMW asks each missionary to conduct periodic evaluations with his or her team or field leader. Copies of these evaluations are then sent electronically to BMW's international office. A copy of the annual evaluation is forwarded on to the missionary's sending church. BMW also encourages the leadership of the sending church to visit the field periodically.

How much education is required of missionaries?
BMW believes that the local church can be a sufficient training ground for developing a person's head, heart and hands for ministry. Also, an increasing number of missionaries are "second-career clergy," men and women who worked in the marketplace and learned the Bible and theology through self-study and years of teaching in their church.

Therefore, BMW does not require a prospective missionary to have a formal Bible college or seminary degree, but relies on the recommendation of the sending church and does extensive testing during the Candidate Orientation process. At times, applicants are referred back to their churches for consultation and further training or experience.

What skills are most important for a missionary to have?
BMW is looking for people with ministry and inter-personal skills developed by experience in ministry. We consider sixteen skills to be of critical importance in being a missionary today, and are looking for churches to develop these skills in the people they are sending overseas. They are:

What is BMW's view on the priority of the family in ministry?
BMW believes that ministry should not destroy the family, and the family should not destroy ministry. Many missionaries will tell you that children can be a vital part of outreach and ministry. "Kids come along" is a better motto than "kids come first." We believe in KMs, not MKs - Kid Ministers, not just missionary kids!

What methods are used to educate missionary children on the field?
BMW has no mission schools for its children. Some parents use national (public) schools, some use private or Christian schools if they are available, and some home-school their children. There are advantages and disadvantages to each option, and families are encouraged to prayerfully consider their options.

How does BMW keep missionaries safe and handle emergencies?
Each BMW field should have an "emergency management plan" that they are updating periodically. The plan recites possible dangers that missionaries face on that field, from natural disasters to crime, to disease and famine, to social upheaval and armed conflict to terrorism. All field plans are overseen by BMW's Emergency Management Team Coordinator who also stays updated on worldwide news and US State Department bulletins. Crises are handled by the EMTC who coordinates activity on the field, in the office and with the press.

How can single adults serve on the field?
Single adults can "serve the Lord without distraction" as the Apostle Paul did (1 Corinthians 7:8, 35). They can have enormous mobility and flexibility to meet needs unlike those who are married or have children. BMW has single men and women who are intensely involved in evangelism, discipleship, youth work and leadership development.

How can retirees serve on the field?
They are called "Finishers" - those who are finishing their race well. Many who transition from a career to missions are having the time of their life. But increasingly, a new breed of Christian business-person is taking retirement early and heading "across the pond" to do cross-cultural ministry. Many are teaching, others are filling in for missionaries on leave in the US, but some blend right in with the culture and begin doing evangelism and discipleship.

How do Christians determine if God wants them to serve in cross-cultural church planting?
God expresses far more interest in what we are than in what we do or where we go. Hence, almost all of what we need to know about "God's will for us" - instruction about what we should be - is found in the Scriptures. Finding out God's will concerning what we should do and where we should go seems to be more difficult. How does God communicate with us?

When we look at Abraham, Moses or Paul, we see that faith and obedience is often based on incomplete communication. God gives direction and promises, but doesn't tell the whole story. What we then realize is that if we walk in prayer-filled holiness and intimacy with Him, obeying what we already know is God's will - being what we should be - He will lead us through our yielded desires to do what He wants us to do, wittingly or unwittingly.

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