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Can you name a country where 50% of the population is under the age of 25? Here are some hints:

  1. It is the country with the world's fourth largest population.
  2. The national language is one of the easiest to learn, with no gender or tense.
  3. Christian workers are allowed to work openly within the country.

Did you guess Indonesia?

We are seeking 20 units (singles or married couples) for the Maleo Project. They will be involved in outreach, discipleship, and Bible translation.

Our team leaders have 30+ years of experience in cross-cultural/linguistic ministry and are happy to share what they've learned. They are presently translating the Bible and developing discipleship resources in a minority language group.

Would you like to join one of the teams that are forming to reach five different language groups? We would enjoy sharing more with you.

For more information regarding the Maleo Project and the open door in Indonesia, email us at



Do you or someone you know love to drink coffee? is a unique way you can help us here on the field. directs all profits to missions. The Maleo Project, to serve five unreached people groups in Indonesia, will receive 50% of the profits. A BMW missionary that you designate will receive the remaining 50% of the profits. This will greatly help us raise the working funds needed for any number of special projects in the future. All this benefit from friends drinking coffee!

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