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As you are nearing the end of raising your support team and your Area Director has determined that you are ready to plan your departure within the next year, attending the Field Preparation Seminar (FPS) is the next step in the equipping process. The seminar, taught by veteran missionaries, consists of sessions containing practical examples of skills and tools you will need on the field. These sessions are primarily discussion-oriented (rather than lecture) and will leverage the material contained in your Personal Development Plan received at the end of Candidate Seminar. Families are encouraged to attend with their children as child-care and youth programs will be provided. 


FPS is held each July in Lawrenceville, GA. See Events Calendar for dates.


Please contact the BMW Office for current fees.


Theology of Missions
A series of discussions focused on the Theology of Missions and based upon the assigned readings during Pre-Field Development will establish a common understanding in ecclesiology and missiology that forms the basis for the rest of FPS.

The Tools level of classes provides several tools you will need on the field, such as:

Cultural Adaptability
In the series of sessions contained in Cultural Adaptability, principles related to developing cultural awareness and practical steps to learning a second language are introduced. Through a series of assessments, each participant is made aware of the strengths and weaknesses they bring to their field of ministry and practical steps they can take to leverage the former and minimize the latter. 

Ministry Practices
The final level of sessions, Ministry Practices, relates to specific areas of study in church-planting and includes topics on developing your exit strategy, church-planting models, leadership training, and evangelism.

Your Children at Field Preparation Seminar

Child-care and youth programs will be provided during FPS. Please see the description under Candidate Seminar for an overview of these services. 

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