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Candidate Seminar (CS) is a two (2) week seminar for all candidates considering BMW as their sending agency for missionary service. CS is the first phase of equipping missionaries for service. Because BMW is a family-oriented mission agency, the entire family is encouraged to attend.


Candidate Seminar is conducted each July. Child-care and youth programs are provided for all age groups. See description of these programs below.

Candidates without children may attend Candidate Seminar in January if this timing better meets their needs. There is an advantage to attending in July when the number of candidates is larger and the learning experience is often richer. We regret that we are unable to provide child-care and youth programs in January. 

See our Upcoming Events webpage for specific dates.

CS is held in Lawrenceville, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.


Contact the BMW office for current fees.


To Help You Get Acquainted with Us
CS is a time for you to learn the "nuts and bolts" of BMW's global missionary ministry. You will learn the vision, values, and principles that guide us and shape our ministry. You will have the opportunity to evaluate through interaction with the administration to determine if you want to partner with BMW as a mission agency.

To Help Us Get Acquainted with You
Our commitment is to send out missionaries who are both competent and confident in their knowledge of the Word of God so that they can be effective witnesses in a host culture. Through a series of assessments and interviews, we will gain an understanding of your giftedness, calling, and skill level to determine your potential placement in a team on the field. 

To Start the Equipping Process
The first phase of equipping at BMW is to prepare the candidate for raising prayer and financial support.  Instructions will be given on creating a prayer letter, preparing your presentation, and designing a campaign to contact both churches and individuals to tell of your burden for ministry.

Your Children at Candidate Seminar

We believe that the family is a missionary team, serving together. Therefore, we want you to bring your children with you to Candidate Seminar. We will have experienced adults who will care for your children providing a level of care appropriate for every age. 

Nursery care will be provided for newborns up to 3 years.  For elementary age (4-8 years) children, a program is provided including arts, crafts, Bible stories, and fun activities.

For your youth (ages 9-15), an extensive training program is provided at the same time you are receiving instruction.  There are sessions that prepare them for ministering alongside you during the deputation process, reinforcing the need to serve others rather than expecting to always be served, and helping them to prepare for adapting to another country, language and culture. There are fun sessions, too, that make you wish you were allowed to be in the youth program! These activities give opportunity for camaraderie and laughter, as well as give them ideas about how to be good guests. Entering into ministry brings dramatic change to the lives of the entire family, but especially to the kids. We want to make that adjustment easier.

If you would like more information or desire to make reservations for an upcoming Candidate Seminar, please contact our Director of Mobilization.


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