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This email forum provides an opportunity to review any of the books contributors have read. The write up should give a brief synopsis of the book's author, publisher, themes, and divisions. Also include some comment on the quality and clarity of the writing and an evaluation of the merits of the book.



In this email forum, typically, one person passes on a situation or asks a question concerning a difficult issue in hopes that several of the other participants may have studied the issue or dealt with it in their ministry experience beforehand. Sometimes the issue involves a counseling question, the interpretation of a passage, a theological question, or a particular approach to ministry. The discussion can get lively. We even ask for church suggestions for people moving into a new area.

All questions and responses are sent to Jerry Smith. Make sure to include your name and your ministry position. All contributors should be respectful and professional. Jerry reserves the right to refuse to forward messages that he feels would be unnecessarily inflammatory or redundant.

To read or contribute to either of these forums, you must personally request to be added to the list. Currently over 400 people from all over the world receive these emails. If you have any questions or want to receive any of these SPOTS, please write Jerry Smith at



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