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Can this truly be? A day when established Bible-believing churches in New Zealand are reproducing with trained leadership?  Neighbouring cities of Auckland and Hamilton on New Zealand’s North Island are in our scope…. On the horizon we see our church plants with trained leadership on the march toward other cities. They are led by men who have been trained in the local church surrendering to the Lord and stepping out by faith to plant more churches. Five, or maybe ten, new churches...who knows how far the journey may go? It seems like we have laboured for a long time yet in other ways it seems as if the journey has just begun. As we move forward we see each missionary assisting a national pastor or co-missionary combining their gifts and abilities to establish churches in places where the gospel is scarce. Our work is not done for we labor while the day is light.


The BMW-NZ team consists of five missionary families in coordination with national pastors in the churches where we minister. Our missionaries generally focus on leadership development, but also lead/pastor where no national leadership yet exists. Teaching in local Bible school training programs and personally engaging new believers to maturity are responsibilities where we spend much of our time. The time for you is now…pray, support, or come to New Zealand to join the team of church planters. Our four target cities of major populations are waiting upon the day when BMW has a team in each city. We currently have a missionary presence in two of the four cities and eagerly minister to fulfill the goal to establish churches in the remaining cities.


Would you pray with us about some very important ministry endeavours?
  • The Bible Training Centre for Pastors is in full swing in 6 churches where BMW assists. The total number of students is more than 25, and each missionary teaches in this training program. Pray that the Lord would call men from this group to lead more churches.
  • In Hamilton the church under missionary leadership is in the process of working an internship with a husband and wife for future fulltime ministry.
  • In South Auckland two churches that have national leadership are preparing for growth with missionary assistance training men to lead ministries within the congregation and also looking to send men into other South Pacific Islands.
  • In West Auckland the church under missionary leadership is seeking a building project to support the church growth.
  • In East Auckland the church under national leadership with missionary assistance is preparing for a satellite congregation to be developed in the neighbouring community.
  • Pray for the McMahons' relocation to Wellington and for the Lord's direction regarding church planting and leadership training in Wellington.
Could you please commit these items to prayer?


You may contact any of our five BMW New Zealand missionaries for further information about their ministry.  Jack McMahan is the field leader and will be glad to provide help if you have an interest to consider NZ as a possible field of service.
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