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Prayer is the main pillar of our vision for the future. We are focused on expanding and intensifying prayer to unprecedented levels ... both "in" and "for" the BMW mission family. We acknowledge that "without Him we can do nothing." Therefore prayer must be first and foremost. We are not going to abandon our work in establishing local churches. That remains the visible outcome of our evangelism, discipleship and leadership training. But PRAYER is going to permeate and saturate our work.

One of our goals is to enlist 50,000 people who will pray DAILY for one of our BMW missionaries. We are calling it the "PRAYER FORCE." If you want to join the ranks, please contact the missionary you wish to pray for and let them know you have enlisted and will pray for them every day. Or, if you would prefer, you can contact BMW's home office at or at 770.339.3500. Just give us your name, which BMW missionary (or missionaries) you will be praying for, and how the missionary can best contact you with updates.

Thank you for your prayers and for making an impact through intercession.

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