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soafricaaspiration.jpg Most of BMW’s work since 1976 has been in the Johannesburg-Pretoria metropolitan area.  At this point, although we are concluding our front-line church-planting efforts in the greater Johannesburg area,
  1. We are staying involved in the church-based leadership development programs here to train more leaders for future churches that will be planted.
  2. We are making plans to reach out to new areas in the country where South African church leaders have spotted a need for Bible-teaching churches.

Our team has expanded to 10 families, and we would like to double that number by 2015.  As the churches and Bible institutes have grown and multiplied here, we have been pleased to have South African missionaries join the Americans on the team.

Our newest initiative is the Thandanani Projects (tahn-dah-nah’-nee) in which BMW missionaries are coordinating efforts to come behind poor but Bible-teaching African pastors and churches to enable them to care for orphans and vulnerable children in their communities.  We are focusing on “building capacity” in local churches by training Christian foster parents and building children’s villages in a way that is reproducible and sustainable.


soafricaparticipation.jpg We are looking for help in the following areas:
  • The Church Ministries Institute is basically providing a Bible college education in the churches we are planting.  We are currently running CMI in two locations and could use teachers in each: Benoni Bible Church on the east side of the city, and MountainView Bible Church on the south side of the city.
  • The Berean Bible Institute of South Africa (BBISA), located at Sandton Bible Church, is a one year full-time academic program.  After completion, qualifying students can work to complete their bachelor’s degree through CMI.
  • New Area Church-Planters are needed in towns and regions where there are no Bible-teaching churches.  New missionaries will be teamed up with more experienced ones as they research a target area and then move into the area and begin to make contacts.
  • Training of African Pastors is a critical need.  We have worked with pastors who have no Bible, pastors who can’t read, and pastors who have had little to no education in the Bible or theology.  Yet these men love God, are faithful and teachable, and just need a humble man of the Word to walk with them for a time.
  • Construction, Education, and Nursing Experience will become sorely needed in the Thandanani Projects as we build and develop children’s villages for the orphans, train Christian foster parents, and prepare first-line health care workers.  Please contact Daniel Willoughby.

Short-term Teams: We prefer individuals who wish to serve for a longer period of time (3 months – 1 year), and we ask that you bring a specific skill to the field such as teaching Bible or theology or ministry skills, how to start or improve a youth work, nursing, skills-development, carpentry-concrete, etc.


soafricasupplication.jpg We are blessed to be serving here.  There is no lack of fruit in South Africa; this is a harvest field.  The cultures here face great difficulties and obstacles but also have great opportunities.  The churches we have planted, by God’s grace, are healthy and growing, and new people are coming to saving faith in Christ, being baptised, growing in the faith and learning to serve.

You can praise God for the amazing things He is doing here (sometimes we ask Him to slow down) and can ask God on our behalf specifically for the following:

  • To continue His protection of the team since we live in what is considered the most dangerous city in the world in terms of total violent crime (homicide, rape, armed robbery)
  • To allow relative peace (lack of widespread public uprisings) to continue in the country so that we can continue to get the gospel out and grow these ministries
  • To give us more doors of opportunity in new cities and villages
  • To provide funds for the huge needs of the Thandanani Projects
  • To burden more workers for leadership education, church-planting, and the Thandanani Projects
soafricainformation.jpg For more information:
  • About this web page, BMW’s South African ministries, or joining the BMW-South Africa team, contact
  • About the Thandanani Projects, contact Daniel Willoughby (in the US first half of 2011).
  • About CMI, BBISA, or teaching African Pastors, contact Brent Meyers.
  • About this country’s incredible history, demographics, climate, and culture, check out our country’s page at Wikipedia.
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