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brownd2015sm.jpg   DAVID BROWN, Director of Global Opportunities 
A former Philadelphia lawyer, David and his wife, Karin, have been involved with three church-planting projects, focusing primarily on educating and mentoring national leaders. They worked for twelve years in Johannesburg, South Africa. David also served for ten years as BMW’s Area Director for Africa, and for six years as BMW’s Area Director for Europe. He has been an adjunct professor with Northwest University of South Africa from 2004-2012, and was a Professor of Worldview and Apologetics at Northland International University from 2013-2015, teaching apologetics, worldview, cross-cultural ministry, leadership and ethics. As BMW’s Director of Global Opportunities, David is focused on strengthening church-planting movements in numerous countries by teaching critically needed courses, facilitating the involvement of tentmakers and marketplace ministers, and improving the income-generating capacity of various compassion ministries.
    JIM BROWN, Administrative Director
After graduating from Dallas Theological Seminary, Jim and his wife Betty invested nine years in ministry with Arctic Missions, Inc. working with Indians, Aleuts, and Eskimos. Jim served as a teacher, pastor and an institute administrator. After leaving Alaska, Jim served as Dean and Instructor of the Sacramento Bible Institute in Sacramento, CA. He also became the founding pastor-teacher for the Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church in Riverside, CA.
fries2015sm.jpg   DALE FRIES, Area Director for Europe
Dale Fries hails from Eastern Pennsylvania. Raised in a Christian home, he was active in his local church through his youth. Dale began his college days as a music education major, but after traveling in an evangelistic music team felt called to overseas missions. At that time he met and married Avril (from Scotland) and their journey into missions began. Finishing Bible school at Sacramento Bible Institute, they left for South Africa in 1990 with their five children. There they were involved in several church plants, focusing on discipleship and leadership development in multi-cultural ministry. Dale also obtained his BTh Honors degree from Potchefstroom University while ministering in Johannesburg. In 2004, the Lord directed them to move to Scotland in order to develop new church planting teams, see churches planted and leaders developed in the country of Avril's birth. They remain involved in church planting efforts in Scotland while serving as Area Director for Europe.
gonino2015sm.jpg   DOMINIC GONINO, Area Director for US Ministries
Dominic graduated from Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music in Michigan. He took 3 years of under graduate training and 2 years of post-graduate training as a pastoral major. He married his wife Elaine, in 1981. They have 2 children, Nathan born in 1982 and Karissa born in 1986. Dominic & Elaine have served with BMW since 1982. Their field of ministry has involved church planting amongst the Mormons in Idaho & Utah. They have served in several different locations in the church planting efforts on the field. Since 1996 Dominic has also served as the field leader by leading the church planting team in Mormon land before stepping in as area director in 2005. He is presently still pastoring the church that he most recently planted in Liberty, Utah. As area director, he oversees the various ministries within the continental United States.
macaulay2015sm.jpg   CLARK MACAULAY, Director of Lifelong Learning
Clark was not raised in a Christian home and was not exposed to the Gospel. He pursued a career in the computer industry after graduating with a BSEE and followed up with a MBA 10 years later. His responsibilities included sales, technical training, and leadership development. Partly as a result of the unexpected death of his first wife, Lynn, Clark was drawn, by the grace of God, to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as his Savior at the rather late age of 42 years old. From that point on, Clark has been a Bible teacher in the local church while finishing his secular career. At age 58, Clark sensed the Lord was calling him to a full-time position with BMW as the Director of Lifelong Learning and completed his formal theological education at Tyndale Theological Seminary (MA Biblical Studies 2003) and has continued his studies as a D.Min. candidate at Tyndale.  Joining BMW full-time in 2005, Clark's responsibilities include providing a complete menu of training and development services to the entire BMW family. In addition, Clark collaborates with Jerry Smith (Church Relations), in providing training services to the local churches in the Companion Church Connection program. By the grace of God, Clark met and married Tricia in 1986 who retired in 2013 from her lifelong career as a teacher’s aid with mentally and challenged children. Tricia serves with Clark at Lebanon Baptist Church, Roswell GA.
rozelle2015sm.jpg   DAVE ROZELLE, Director of Mobilization & Area Director for Latin America
Dave Rozelle was raised in a Christian home, where his parents were active in church planting. He graduated from New Brunswick Bible Institute and was married in 1973. They went to Austria with Worldwide European Fellowship in 1975, learned German and then in 1977 were transferred to Luxembourg. Dave pastored an English work while starting a Luxembourgish ministry there. He became fluent in Luxembourgish and German while ministering there for 13 years. In 1990, he was redirected to Scotland and served as the Field Leader there until 2002. He continued studies on furloughs and by extension to complete his MA in Missions from Grace Theological Seminary. His first wife passed away early in 1999 and he later remarried. From August 2002 to January 2007 Dave served as the US Director of another mission agency with workers in South America. Upon return to Biblical Ministries Worldwide, Dave was appointed the Director of Advancement. In January of 2009 he accepted the appointment as Director of Mobilization which is the culmination of many years of interest and effort in the recruiting and inspiration of new missionaries to the great task of worldwide missions.
rygh2015sm.jpg   STEVE RYGH, Director of Finance and Operations
Steve Rygh grew up ice skating on the ponds and ice rinks around the Chicago suburbs. Although he grew up Catholic, Steve trusted Christ as a teenager. After graduating from Bob Jones University (1988) and passing the CPA exam (1990), Steve worked for several years in both public accounting and private industry in South Carolina, most notably with Deloitte & Touche. In the summer of 1991, Steve and his wife Marcia joined BMW and serve at BMW's international headquarters. The Ryghs now have four children. Steve Rygh currently oversees the finances and operations of Biblical Ministries Worldwide.
seger2015sm.jpg   PAUL SEGER, General Director 
Paul Seger grew up as a missionary child in Nigeria. After graduating from Appalachian Bible College and Faith Baptist Bible College, he served as assistant pastor at Community Baptist Church in Reidsville, North Carolina. In 1975, Paul and his wife, Joan, were accepted as missionaries with Biblical Ministries Worldwide. For seventeen years Paul planted churches among the European population in South Africa. He was involved in the process of starting three churches and training pastors through the Church Ministries Institute. In March 1994, he became the General Director of Biblical Ministries Worldwide. He and his family relocated to BMW's International Office in the Atlanta area. His son Ryan and daughter Joanna have finished college and also live in the Atlanta area.


Rev. Henry Heijermans
Founder and CEO
FOMConsulting Ministries
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Dr. Robert (Bob) Jeffcott
Representative at Large
Biblical Ministries Worldwide
Cedar City, Utah
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