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 moriah-chapel-welsh-revival.jpgWHY WALES?


Long gone are the days of the Welsh Revival. Generations past are forgotten and the importance of trusting Christ has been laid aside to pursue other endeavors, such as education, sports or politics. Beautiful church buildings that were once filled with worship to the Lord, are now used for conveniences such as grocery stores, recreation centers, pubs and sadder still many are housing false religions.



Wales is a unique country, lending itself to unique opportunities to reach the lost. Two necessary areas of outreach are of course church planting and church rescue. However, God also allows for creativity in developing relationships to further His gospel.

As is common in European culture, before we can ever be a witness, we must first be a friend. The Welsh have a lot to give as far as their culture, their passions and their community and we want to also give back to the community, and learn more about their culture. Below are some of the ways we hope to minister to the Welsh, while familiarizing ourselves with their culture and building relationships.


Currently there is but one family appointed to serve in Wales, and much work to be done there for the Lord. Could He be leading you to help fill that need?

For more information, please contact Dale Fries, BMW's Area Director for Europe.


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