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guam-island.jpg Guam is a friendly, tropical island that is only 32 miles long and 4 to 8 miles wide. The island experiences occasional earthquakes due to its location in the Pacific’s “Ring of Fire.” The 2008 population estimate for Guam is 175,000.

Guam is the “Tip of the Pacific Spear” for the US military. There are two large bases on Guam. One is a Navy base and the other is an Air Force base. The programmed US military buildup (2010–14) will cause an unprecedented population increase (approximately 40% or nearly 80,000 people at the peak of constructions).

BMW’s current strategy for Guam is to minister to the “Warrior Class” – the US Military Personnel living and working on Guam. Our vision is to use a ministry of hospitality to win warriors, disciple them, encourage them and prepare them for serving in local churches while on active duty, as well as when they leave active duty.


guam-kirklands.jpg Ministry to a military community is best accomplished by veterans. Having a little gray hair also tends to give credibility to our message. Currently, the Kirkland family is BMW’s only missionary family on Guam. They are seeking to serve the warriors by being actively involved in the base chapel of Andersen AFB. There is need for another couple to locate close to the Naval Base Guam and reach sailors for Him.


guam-bible-study.jpg Since 2010, the Kirkland’s ministry has been one of encouragement to the airmen and sailors. Most of those to whom they minister are young, first enlistment service members. The Kirkland's prayer is that some of these service members will allow the Lord to direct their paths to full-time ministry as they finish their enlistments. Many have no real concept of attending a Christian University or Bible College. The Kirklands seek to use their home close to the base as a place of growth and maturity for these young believers. Please pray that the Lord will send laborers from the US military into the harvest. 
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