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Teams that do restructuring say that 5% of organizational change is evaluating what is not working well and deciding what things need to be deleted or modified to achieve greater effectiveness, 15% is researching and developing detailed plans to make the needed changes, and 80% is working through the change process with the people involved. Many church leaders forget the last 80%.

The methods, traditions, and values of a congregation, their comfort with the familiar, their expectations of sameness, and fear of unknown methods and doctrinal error all create force and momentum to maintain the status quo, and avoid the changes that are badly needed in your church. What do you do?

This workshop underscores that your church is a living thing and is already changing.  If leaders don’t promote pro-active change to help the church better achieve its biblical purposes, then the church will slowly move toward institutional deadness where the past and programs are driving the church rather than principles or purpose.   The workshop also highlights the difference between biblical things in a church that don’t change, and cultural things that do.  It also examines the change process using the examples of Moses bringing Israel out of Egypt and Paul bringing the gospel to the Gentiles.

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“We developed these workshops in consultation with missionaries, pastors, seminary professors, church leaders and Christian business people so as to present a balanced and biblical viewpoint.

Many of us who influenced the writing of these materials also present the workshops in churches all over the world. Our team of presenters come from different professions and backgrounds, and are putting these principles into practice in our present ministries, as God gives us the wisdom and strength to do so. We are here to serve you!”

BMW Workshop Presenters

For more information about BMW's Workshops, please contact Jerry Smith, Church Relations Director.

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