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When setting out on a voyage, a ship's crew should know Why it is sailing out to sea, Where and When it is going, How it will get there, and What it needs to do to complete its voyage.

Churches should also sail with purpose and direction. Churches are often adrift in the sea of good intentions, driven by their past, or by their programs - not by a clearly defined purpose.

This workshop enables church leaders to develop biblically dynamic core values and purpose statements. There is also an opportunity to develop a vision statement, evaluate your current methods, and design a strategy for maximum ministry effectiveness.

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Many churches, having adopted the core value of church based-leadership development after the Mentoring Workshop, have gone the next step and gone back to the basics to retool their church for greater ministry effectiveness.

“Several years ago the Grace Bible Church leaders were introduced to the BMW Workshops. Our weekend interaction with a team from Biblical Ministries Worldwide using the Charting Your Course materials has revitalized our ministry focus.

The sessions provided a simple but thorough analysis of how to recognize the core values of the church and format a purpose statement.

After our workshops, we were able to accomplish our goal over the next six months and now have in place our core values and purpose statement. Our web site and all GBC literature contain either a condensed or unabbreviated presentation of these two. Our church family now knows why we are here and what we value as a church.

Thanks to the BMW Workshops, we at GBC are now one step closer to becoming the church Christ would want us to become.  In the near future we will address the issues of vision and strategy, another of the significant benefits of these Workshops.”

Terry Glidden
Grace Bible Church

For more information about BMW's Workshops, please contact Jerry Smith, Church Relations Director.

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