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The purpose of this workshop is to convince church leaders to adopt church-based leadership development as a core value. God has chosen local churches as the focal point of ministry today. But our churches have become hampered by cultural baggage and program-orientation and have, thus, lost their effectiveness in equipping future leaders.

The primary tasks of church leaders are to equip saints and mentor emerging leaders. Mentoring (advanced discipleship) involves practical learning to develop ministry skills, private learning to develop godly character, and public learning to develop biblical and theological knowledge.

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Several pastors have given us some great feedback after the Mentoring workshop, the first of the three workshops.

“Our church has received great benefit from our recent Workshop, Mentoring For Ministry. 

God used the workshop to challenge the church board to move our church from a program-oriented to a more people-oriented ministry.  Each board member has been motivated to look for a man to disciple. 

We have already scheduled the next two workshops to keep the process going.  We would recommend these workshops to any church that is endeavoring to fulfill its God-given mission.”

Pastor Charlie Paine
Blue River Bible Church

“We have only completed the first Workshop, Mentoring For Ministry, but I believe that it has been a strong contributor to the change we have just made in our church. 

Calvary Baptist has just hired its first pastor from within the congregation.  Before the Workshop, I did not believe our board would have made the decision to hire this non-seminary man, had not we understood that we could do much training within the local church and out-source other topics.

So far, this has been our best input from the Workshops.  We have begun basic theology classes with view toward some sort of in-house degree. 

We also use our AWANA and our weekly rest home ministry for further training.  One of our men is our "chaplain" to the rest home, is recognized as such, and it is moving him toward full time ministry. 

These steps have been bolstered by our Board being involved with the BMW Workshops. Thanks for your ministry BMW!”

Rick Smith
Calvary Baptist Church

supplement-cover-web.jpgMentoring Supplement (Not a Workshop)
If church leaders adopt church-based leadership development as a core value, where should they begin? How simple or complex should the new endeavor be?

Developing Emerging Church Leaders is not actually a Workshop. It is a compilation of resource materials to give church leaders some idea of the "nuts and bolts" of starting a leadership development forum. At your request, we can consult with you as you work through the materials.

We help you design a schedule for developing the heart, hands and heads of your emerging leaders and suggest learning outcomes in each stage of discipleship. We also look at the possibility of getting outside help from churches, schools and mission organizations to set up internships and provide a theological education.

For more information about BMW's Workshops, please contact Jerry Smith, Church Relations Director.

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